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Safety for Brunswick Park Primary and Nursery School

Ensure free and clear access to the school to protect the safety of our children and staff. The school's access road needs an effective and visual parking deterrent.

Our school currently has a situation with parking that is putting our children and staff at risk on a daily basis. The school's only access road on Osidge Lane continues to experience high levels of parking congestion which is at its peak during the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times. This is despite the presence of an adjacent car park and unrestricted road parking on East and West Walks.
Should an emergency take place at the school at any time of the day, an ambulance or fire engine would not be able to access the school if there are cars parked on the roundabout. This poses a significant risk to the lives of our children and staff at the school.
Despite numerous notices from the Headteacher over the years and the council placing bollards on the roundabout, the parking on the roundabout has increased this new school year. This obstruction continues throughout the day with parking by members of the public who are accessing the park.

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