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Petition for Improved CPZ signage in Wellside Close

As residents of Wellside Close, EN5, listed below are the issues we face with the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) that was introduced on 10th September 2018: • Drivers are missing the CPZ signs and are still parking in Wellside Close during the CPZ hours • Illegally parked vehicles are taking up parking space hence making it difficult for residents (who have paid for yearly permits) and their visitors to find parking • Most people that park in Wellside Close do so because they are visiting the hospital, hence we will have these issues all year round meaning the CPZ has not had the intended effect of freeing up parking for residents and their visitors

By signing this petition we would like Barnet Council to:

• Paint drive bays and display the associated signage in Wellside Close as opposed to just at the beginning of the road (the drive bays must not obstruct resident's driveways)
• Give every resident in Wellside Close 10 free visitor permits for the inconvenience caused (the cost for these can be taken from the Penalty Charge Notices issued thus far)

This Paper petition was received on 05/11/2018.

31 people signed this Paper petition.