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Customer and Support Group Contract Review Member Working Group

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Information about Customer and Support Group Contract Review Member Working Group

The Performance and Contract Management Committee have convened a Working Group to oversee the year three review of the council’s Customer and Support Group (CSG) contract with Capita Business Services Ltd.


This CSG contract provides the council’s main internal support services, including HR, finance, IT and estates, as well as the more outward-facing customer services (face to face, customer contact, telephone call centre, and website) and the revenues and benefits service.


The CSG review is an opportunity to assess the performance and service delivery from the first three years of the contract and to ensure that the contract is best placed to meet the future needs of the council.


The review will look at ways to improve services and residents’ experience of contacting the council, as well as identify opportunities for savings in response to the changing needs of the council and the borough.


The Group would like to hear the views of residents, traders and local businesses about the contract, in particular in respect of:


o      Their experiences of contacting the council through the face to face contact centres at Burnt Oak and Barnet House, through the telephone system, or via the website

o      Their experiences of interacting with the revenues and benefits service

o      Suggestions for how these services might change to meet the changing needs of residents

o      Any other aspects of the operation of the contract


A meeting of the working group will be taking place in public on Monday 25th July 2016 at 7.00pm at Hendon Town Hall to allow people to present their views to the working group. 


Members of the public will be able to present their views to Councillors in the form of a written statement and/or by addressing the meeting.  Councillors may wish to ask questions to clarify the points being made.  The council will not respond to individual submissions, but will consider them as part of the overall evidence base that will inform the outcomes of the review. 


The deadline for submission of written statements and requests to address the meeting is 10.00am on Wednesday 20th July 2016. 


For further information about how to get involved, and to submit written statements please contact Helen Sunderland (  0208 359 3790).


The Group has discretion to determine its own working arrangements.  For this review, they have decided to hold one meeting in public.   The council is committed to conducting the contract review openly and transparently, while balancing the need to conduct consideration of its commercial negotiating position privately.  The Performance and Contract Management Committee will receive regular reports on the progress of this contract review and will consider any recommendations made by the Working Group in due course.