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Children, Education, Libraries & Safeguarding Committee

This page lists the meetings for Children, Education, Libraries & Safeguarding Committee.

Information about Children, Education, Libraries & Safeguarding Committee

This Committee has a wide range of responsibilities, which include:


·         Planning the adequate  provision of school places in the Borough

·         Investment in educational infrastructure;

·         The Library Service

·         Cultural activities

·         Powers, duties and functions of the Council in relation to Children’s Services (including schools)

·         Approving the Children and Young People Plan


This Committee also leads on the Council’s responsibilities under the Children Act 2004 and Education and inspection Act 2007 to:


·         Oversee effective support for young people in care; and enhance the Council’s corporate parenting role

·         Oversee the multi-agency Youth Offending Team

·         Oversee the effective provision of support across partners for the well-being of vulnerable families - including the Troubled Families programme


The Children, Education, Libraries and Safeguarding Committee is made up of Councillors and co-opted Members.  This Committee has three co-opted Voluntary Aided School Representatives to provide a faith perspective on education matters. 


The Committee also has two Parent governor representatives elected by other parent governors to represent the views of all parents on decisions relating to education.