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Environment Committee

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Information about Environment Committee

The Environment Committee is responsible for commissioning the following:


(1)  Responsibility for all borough-wide or cross-constituency matters relating to the Street scene including, parking, road safety, lighting, street cleaning, transport, waste, waterways, refuse, recycling, allotments, parks, trees, crematoria and mortuary, trading standards and environmental health.

(2)  To submit to the Policy and Resources Committee proposals relating to the Committee’s budget for the following year in accordance with the budget timetable.

(3)  To make recommendations to Policy and Resources Committee on issues relating to the budget for the Committee, including virements or underspends and overspends on the budget. No decisions which result in amendments to the agreed budget may be made by the Committee unless and until the amendment has been agreed by Policy and Resources Committee.

      (4) To determine fees and charges for services which are the responsibility of the committee