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Community Leadership Committee

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Information about Community Leadership Committee

The responsibilities of the Community Leadership Committee include:


·         Grants to Voluntary Sector within the remit of the Committee

·         Registration and Nationality Service

·         Emergency Planning

·         Civic events


The Committee will:


·         Oversee arrangements for cross partner co-operation including any pooling of budgets (other than those within the remit of the Health and Well Being Board) e.g. Community Budgets. 

·         Maintain good community relations with Barnet’s diverse communities ensuring that all communities have the opportunity to participate fully in the Borough’s affairs.

·         Contribute to achieving better outcomes in the Safer Communities Strategy through CCTV, fighting crime and anti-social behaviour, combating graffiti flytipping and other environmental crime, action against Domestic Violence and any other relevant Council activity.

·         Work together with partners on the Barnet Safer Communities Partnership including Police, Fire and Criminal Justice Agencies to help make Barnet a safer place, including providing the scrutiny aspect of Community Safety.